A Trans-Atlantic Political Lexicon

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For Europeans engaging in online political discussion with Americans, it is crucial to understand American political terminology. Provided that you know the political disposition of your correspondent, this is quite easy. Using the following table, look up the term in column 1 (Republican) or column 2 (Democrat), depending on the political disposition of your correspondent. You can then conveniently find the equivalent European term in column 3.

RepublicanDemocratEuropean Term
Trans-Atlantic Political Lexicon
ordinary personwingnutRepublican
moonbatrational personDemocrat
majority rulescorporate puppetry
LibertarianLibertariandemented fruitcake
Godless commie bastardcommunistsocialist
fair and balancedright-biasedblatantly bigoted
commie propagandaleft-leaning mediamedia
leftist grant whorecollege professoruniversity lecturer
God-given rightwarillegal invasion
Presidentassholewar criminal
fair election victorynarrow lossbloodless coup d'etat
communismsocialismsocial democracy
Marxist pipe-dreamuniversal healthcarehealthcare
fellow Americanreligious rightChristian Taliban
small governmentlibertarianismanarchy
help allyforeign policy initiativebankroll tinpot dictator
Ann Coulterthat Coulter bitchfascist fundy bigot (female)
Bill O'Reillydouchemonkeyfascist fundy bigot (male)

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