Politics: April 2008 Archives

Someone mentioned the idea of handing out flyers outside screenings of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, so I drew up a list of bullet-points that I'd like to include. Of course, it's too long for a flyer, but maybe it might give someone ideas or they might pick out a few of them.

I intend to annotate this with hyperlinks to relevant online documents and other media. If you can suggest links, please do. I'm particularly interesting in a video of one of Stephen Meyer's lectures: in the Q&A at the end, an evolutionary biologist makes a fool of Meyer by describing a half-dozen precursor structures to the rotary bacterial flagellum beloved by cdesign proponentsists.

This post is dedicated to the public domain. Do with it as you wish.

For Europeans engaging in online political discussion with Americans, it is crucial to understand American political terminology. Provided that you know the political disposition of your correspondent, this is quite easy. Using the following table, look up the term in column 1 (Republican) or column 2 (Democrat), depending on the political disposition of your correspondent. You can then conveniently find the equivalent European term in column 3.